Monster Hunter Rise

New Highlights

Apr 7, 2021
Look upon its prowess
Its movement full of spark
Its claws cut through the silence
Its fangs bite through the dark

Gaze upon perfection
Thunder given form
Either knock its lights out
Or die fighting the storm
Apr 7, 2021
Where is my queen
Where is my queen

I am storm incarnate
I shall wipe the land clean
So we may meet at last
In paradise unseen
Apr 7, 2021
Austere mountains
Devoid of reason and laws
A rounded mass descends
Made of fangs and claws

Tumbling, tumbling
Closer and closer
And when it unfurls
Your time will be over
Apr 7, 2021
A deafening roar
Rolling over hill and dale
The weak flee in fear
But the strong prevail

On the snowy mountainside
White is drenched with red
When the ancient tyrant hunts
All are filled with dread
Apr 7, 2021
My king, o my king
Come forth now with haste
With my elegant lightning
Let us lay this land to waste

Tear apart the skies
Rend the clouds asunder
Pave the road to paradise
With hurricane and thunder
Apr 7, 2021
Floating in water
It beckons silently
Once its prey approaches
There is no time to flee

Gut and strength alike
Rank among the greats
Don't get pushed out of the ring
For the abyss awaits
Apr 7, 2021
A miraculous spring
Clear as children's song
Deep runs its stream
Elegant, but strong

A lullaby is sung
Soft sounds of seduction
Its dulcet tones inducing sleep
And serpentine destruction
Apr 7, 2021
A cave of crimson
Flames billowing high
That is where he makes his nest
Best to not go nigh

Fire scorching the earth
Rains down from the sky
When his highness sets his eyes on you
It's time to say goodbye
Apr 7, 2021
Crawling with a mincing gait
Dressed in a white gown
Aimlessly she roams
Queen without a crown

Her beloved children
Always by her side
Share their mother's temper
And her fiery pride
Apr 7, 2021
At a distant flight
Lies an island of fire
There walks a dark beast
A great ball of ire

Wielders of flame
Who dare to engage
Will only succeed at
Igniting its rage

For it's the top player
And the world is its stage